About us

Collective f is an independent arts initiative by five young dance practitioners from India. We immerse ourselves in the wide spectrum of dance, movement, and performance. Our projects take on varied formats as we navigate through the precarious field of dance. We see the dancing body as an archive of histories, memories, and experiences.


Currently, we are working on a talk series (Movement Portraits) which documents the dance discourses that exist in India. The intent is to create a digital archive of dance and it’s ecology. The project wishes to engage with diverse audiences and provide access to information about/around dance. This platform encourages new modes of knowing and learning through dialogue and collaboration.

Our Team


Akanksha Kumari is a dance practitioner whose major interest lies in performance and performance making. She experiments with the body and tries to understand movement unconventionally with ideas around language, violence and ambiguity. Her embodied practice and choreographic experiments are informed by questioning a system of language which valorizes pain and suffering often revealing the politics of our everyday lives.

Her movement practice is infused with yoga, somatics, body-conditioning and modern dance techniques with a contemporary outlook. She has recently participated and performed in the 7th Dance Education Biennale 2020 in Hamburg, Germany. Her solo video work “ADAYINMYLIFE” was presented in a program by the 2nd International Forum of Performance Art, Greece (2020). She also holds a Master’s degree in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi. 

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Aseng Borang is a dance practitioner whose choreographic pursuits investigate the body within the constellation of resistance, vulnerability, violence, endurance and anarchy. In her practice, she places the body’s embodied objective and subjective experiences at the forefront in the choreographic process. Her practice involves multi-disciplinary approaches, experiments with inanimate objects and is collaborative in nature.

She is the winner of PECDA 2018 and also received the Residency Travel Grant (Performing Arts – Choreography) Serendipity Grants 2019-20. Recently, she participated and presented her work “Terms and Conditions apply” in the Tanzplan Dance Education Biennale 2020 in Hamburg, Germany. She has a Master’s degree in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi.

Pronouns: She/her


Jasmine Yadav is a dance practitioner with a particular interest in exploring dance as a system of care and support for the body. Her pedagogical interests lie in understanding how we learn and know about the body’s present through moving and dancing. Currently, she is invested in an embodied and experiential form of writing about the body and it’s practices. Her dance practice looks to encourage the body’s pleasure, play, risk and vulnerability; but also its reflexivity and accountability.

In the last five years she has trained in Yoga, Contemporary dance techniques, Bharatanatyam and Somatics. She has worked with Mandeep Raikhy in his work ‘Anatomy of Belief’ (2019). She also participated in the Tanzplan Dance Education Biennale in February 2020 at Hamburg, Germany. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts, English and Psychology from CHRIST (Deemed to be University) and a Master’s degree in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi. 


Pallavi Verma is a dance practitioner based in New Delhi. She has a graduation in Computer Engineering from NSIT, Delhi University and post graduation in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi. She has previously worked in Sadhya Dance Company and continues her training in contemporary techniques, Somatics, Yoga and Kathak.


Her choreographic interests look at different ways in which the body inhabits and experiences a space, particularly outside proscenium spaces. She has performed in various spaces like Prakriti Excellence of Contemporary Dance Awards 2018 (Chennai), Kampnagel Biennale 2020 (Hamburg, Germany) and Black Box Okhla 2020 (New Delhi). 


Srijaa Kundu Srijaa Kundu, currently based in Calcutta, is a dancer, dance movement therapy practitioner, sound artist and an aspiring choreographer. After graduating in 2015, BA in Philosophy, Jadavpur University, she has done her Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy in 2017 from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Kolkata Sanved. She has completed MA in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi. Srijaa continually finds herself in the intersections of movement, sound and camera.Her self-portrait series ‘Living in an Anomaly’ was selected as a part of the exhibition The Other Side presented by the anonymous waves White Page Gallery in February, 2021 and September,2020. In February, 2020 she participated and performed in the 7th Dance Education Biennale 2020, Germany. Her collaborative audio documentary ‘My Sister in a Dystopian World’ was a part of the 15th Asian Women’s Film Festival (IWART) India in 2019.

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